Presentations from the SICOVAL – eG4U conference (Toulouse)

Here are the presentations from the conference < Responsible digital technology for more sustainable territories > held in Labège (Toulouse) on 19 March 2024:

9.45amETSI : standardisation at the service of sustainable digitalXavier PIEDNOIR
10.00amLiving-in.EU a European initiative for community-led digital development
Gabriela RUSEVA Coordinator of the Living-in.EU movement
Commission, DG CONNECT Eurocities
10.15amDigital at the heart of local authorities:
from innovation to sustainable development
Dominique ROCHE President eG4U  e.Green for Users
11.00amThe global environmental footprint of digital technologyLynn REINER Communications Department INGETEL
11.15amEco-responsible building: solutions and measuring efficiencyDaniel ZOTTI President LONMARK Francophone
11.30amREX Recital , reducing energy consumption and carbon impact through AI and innovationAlexis SEMMAMA
11.45amDigital and eco-responsibility: what are the effects? what are the challenges? sharing a study in progress with ADEME on impact assessmentGillo MALPART Managing Director MAVANA
12.00amSustainable Information TechnologiesAngélica CALVET President CINOV Nouvelle Aquitaine, Secretary General CINOV Digital
12.15pmHow digital technology optimises energy systems and facilitates sustainable decision-making.
Example: a farm of the future
Damien VALET
Head of TOTEM platform
CEA TECH Occitanie 


1.50pmInnovation and design of digital infrastructuresMarc NAMIASH President CODAGE President Power EoC Alliance
2.15pmETSI: interoperability and IoT standardsXavier PIEDNOIR IOT Interoperability and Testing Expert ETSI
2.30pmOpendthX for construction and BIM dataDidier BALAGUER President CINOV Digital
3.00pmRelevant services to support local authorities in controlling their digital carbon footprint
Gilles GENiN President INGETE
3.15pmConstraints and best practices for wireless network infrastructure in education
Dominique LE BOURSE
President Poe-tic
3.30pmDigital responsibility and mutualisation at the service of local authorities
Project Manager Services
and digital uses
Haute Garonne Numérique

Videos of the event

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