Why becoming an eG4U member ?

The European Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) eG4U is independent from providers.

It is acting in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) domain to manage green level improvement.

eG4U allows its members:

  • sharing best practises and benefiting from high-skilled expertise;
  • benchmarking energy efficiency of their ICT sites and networks through efficient tools;
  • collaborating in the development of European Position Papers (ETSI GSs) and European standards (ETSI ENs/ESs/TSs/TRs);
  • participating in the promotion new standards and shaping future regulation;
  • building collaborative and long lasting relationships with major ICT stakeholders.

Code of conduct

Applicants must agree G4U Membership Code of Conduct.

This is a simple set of rules ensuring that any applicant does not abuse their position to detriment of other membership subscribers’ benefit.

There are three levels of eG4U membership:  Active, Associated, and Honorary.

  • active and associated members can be a legal entity or a natural person;
  • legal entities shall provide the legal status of the organisation and the trade registration in case of commercial and industrial activity.

Annual membership rate

Organisation Category Active       

(Rate in EUR)


(Rate in EUR)

Non Trading Professional community 500
Official or Associated 500
Authority or Administration 1 000
Communities and cities

Number of Citizens >2 000 000

2 000
Communities  and cities

100 000> Number of Citizens>2 000 000

1 500
Communities  and cities

20 000> Number of Citizens>100 000

1 000
Communities  and cities

5 000> Number of Citizens>20 000

Communities  and cities

Number of Citizens<5 000

Independent user 300 500
Other 1 500
Trading Start-up less 3 years 300 500
Small company (<251 Employees) 500 1 500
Medium company ( 251< Employees <= 5 000) 1 000 2 500
Large company ( Employees > 5 000) 1 500 5 000
Individual company  or Independent 300 500

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