DCEM : an operational global KPI, defined by the users for all ICT sites

eG4U is promoting the global KPI DCEM defined by ETSI GS OEU 001 « Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU); Global KPIs for ICT Sites »

This global KPI for ICT sites is dedicated to Data treatment and Data transmission including all types of ICT sites (e.g. Data Centre, transmission node) considered as standalone site or group of site.

DCEM KPI combines 4 Objective KPIs:

  • Energy consumption: total consumption of energy by an operational infrastructure;
  • Task efficiency: a measure of the work done (as a result of design and/or operational procedures) for a given amount of energy consumed;
  • Energy re-use: transfer or conversion of energy (typically in the form of heat) produced by the operational infrastructure to do other work;
  • Renewable energy: energy produced from dedicated generation systems using resources that are naturally replenished.

Objective KPIs define requirements for the measurement of operational infrastructures i.e. taking into account the real operating conditions over a defined period of time.