Our ethic charter

The non-governmental organisation (NGO) « eG4U » is a user organisation in the field of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). It is working in the non-commercial area of sustainable development and environmental protection. As a non-profit organisation, it is due to hold a fair conduct in the support and development of sustainability.

Through this ethic charter, eG4U demonstrates its commitment to transparency and accountability of its leaders and stakeholders working for it with a European vocation.

The charter stipulates irreducible core values with reference to the principles of good governance, permanent trust between its members and ethical fundraisings, with the commitment to be accountable to all stakeholders.

The charter is established with reference to the articles of non-profit organisation that were filed December 7th, 2015 at the Paris Prefecture (registration # 1237, page 6123), according to the French law of July1st 1901 on non-profit associations.

Principles and values

eG4U believes in :

  • social justice, equity and respect for human rights,
  • the necessary participation of civil society to economic and social development, with respect of the environment,
  • the need of quality of service for companies and organisations, governments, territorial authorities.

Challenges and objectives

eG4U aims to help companies, organisations, government & public institutions in Europe to take all necessary measures in the ICT field – including management of applications and data – regarding:

  • energy efficiency,
  • CO2 emission reduction,
  • management of equipment waste and end of life.

Pursuant to the commitment of the European Union regarding environmental protection and sustainable development, the main challenge is:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels,
  • increase the share of renewable energy,
  • achieve energy savings.

eG4U organisation also aims to contribute to the deployment of very high speed Internet connections and to the development of multiple services in all business sectors and public areas particularly in the most deprived zones to boost the re-industrialisation and economic development.

Structure and Governance

Incorporated as a European NGO, the organisation eG4U:

  • is a non-profit moral entity, independent of pressure groups, accountable and transparent vis-à-vis all public and legal authorities,
  • is structured around a General Assembly, Board and a Board of Directors both responsible for the commitments of the organisation, its independence and the diversification of its funding sources.

The members undertake to participate in eG4U works in a state of mind characterized by:

  • the desire to work in a networking framework with a spirit of cooperation and solidarity between members,
  • the systematic search for complementarity and pooling resources between stakeholders,
  • the sharing of ideas and best practices between members of different business sectors in a spirit of conviviality,
  • the promotion of sustainable consumption behaviours that are respectful of the public interest,
  • the willingness to promote the involvement of socially responsible companies and the implementation of friendly environment techniques for ICT developments,
  • the desire to support the efficiency of the proposed activities or services, without seeking enrichment.

Privacy protection of membership data

The file list of members remains the property of the eG4U and is not shared outside. The organisation is committed to respecting the privacy of members and confidential data provided by companies. No use of data can be made without the consent of members.

All technical data are anonymous and only used as statistics.