Workshop ‘Making Smart Cities sustainable’

Workshop ‘Making Smart Cities sustainable’

7-8 JUNE 2017,  Bordeaux, France

Participation : no charge

In cooperation with the European Commission and with Eurocities and the NGO eG4U the organisation ETSI is pleased to invite to this ETSI workshop ‘Making Smart Cities Sustainable, from large scale pilot projects to real-life deployment’, taking place on 7-8 June 2017.

The event is organized and hosted by Bordeaux Metropole and the City of Bordeaux in the premises of the Hotel de Bordeaux Metropole.

The workshop includes a number of showcases and demonstrations of relevant solutions and equipment.

Showcases & Call for demonstrations

All major European and global cities are aware of the importance of large-scale deployment of new services that are both citizen-centric and enable the creation of sustainable and resilient future cities. Faced with this urgency, a large number of solutions are currently being proposed by the industry. However, city authorities are now looking for guarantees and sustainable solutions when making such important technology investments. They demand clear benchmarks based on reliable indicators that may be shared within the City community and that clearly indicate the level of maturity and performance in terms of “City smartness”.

Goals of the event

The workshop will provide an opportunity to hear from various city representatives who will share their views on how to move beyond trials and pilot projects to wider implementations of standards based solutions.

The workshop will also:

  • examine how technology and innovation are enabling today’s Smart City deployments ;
  • identify the major technology trends, taking into account major industry initiatives ;
  • provide a clear overview of the latest developments in the relevant standardization organizations and European initiatives ;
  • present the importance of examining the economics and social aspects that are required to enable the evolution towards the Smart City.

The showcases are intended to demonstrate multi-vendor projects as a viable technology. It will be a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and insight about Sustainable Smart City in action – and what the current reality is – in order to strengthen the strategic planning and decision-making, and help identify which “smart” solutions may be viable in the Cities. A call for demonstrations is now open.More information is available HERE.

Why attend?

Participants will be given the opportunity to:

  • exchange openly with regional and national experts and discuss the latest solutions to the real-life challenges of deploying smart solutions in Cities ;
  • discover the latest technological innovations and learn how these technologies are currently being implemented by pioneering cities ;
  • come and explore our showcases, where leading manufacturers will be demonstrating exciting and innovative Smart city enabling solutions ;
  • enjoy the opportunity to interact with the relevant experts and learn how such technologies may be used to improve our urban areas.

Target audience

The workshop will bring together experts from both public and private sectors in order to discuss the ongoing EC initiatives, key global implementations, major technological and social challenges.

The event will be of particular interest to technology specialists, including, city planners to ICT engineers, designers, policy-makers, academia, standards experts and many others involved in, or simply curious about, the recent development of Smart City technologies and solutions.

Subscription : no charge