The eG4U NGO

eG4U is a Non Governmental Organisation of ICT (Information & communications technologies) users  from public and private sector, working together in order to improve  Energy Management & Waste monitoring  in the three main domains of ICT Sites, Smart Cities and  Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

eG4U has been created early December, 2015, by ICT users, members of ETSI(*) Industry Specification Group (ISG) called Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU).

ETSI specifications

eG4U is supporting the four recent specifications of ETSI ISG OEU to be used in etsi-members-logoEuropean enterprises :

  • ETSI GS OEU 001 « Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU); Global KPIs for ICT Sites »
  • ETSI GS OEU 006  « Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU); Referential specification to define sustainable levels of ICT Sites  »
  • ETSI GS OEU 018 « Operational energy Efficiency for Users (OEU); Waste management of ICT equipment »
  • ETSI TS 105 174-2 « Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing (ATTM); Broadband Deployment and Energy Management; Part 2: ICT sites »

These specifications are aimed at helping companies and public administrations to match the new regulations for measuring and monitoring energy effectiveness and waste for ICT sites & networks. eG4U  started its works in accordance and in compliance with the European Commission mandate M/462 on ICT energy sustainability.

(*) ETSI institute, officially recognized as European standards Organisation, is a major player in Europe for producing globally-applicable standards for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies. (see:


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