Carbon footprint

eG4U aims to reduce the carbon footprint and the GHG emissions of business users

Energy reductions

According to EU regulation, eG4U is supporting all initiatives to reduce energy consumptions

Renewable and Reuse energy

eG4U is supporting guidelines to stimulate the use of renewable and reusable energies

Equipments lifecycle

eG4U helps taking appropriate mesures for end-of-life management of ICT equipments

eG4U NGO Objectives

Created in December 2015, eG4U is dedicated to energy management and waste monitoring for ICT sites inside private & public organisations – entreprises or administrations.
All members are business users and not ICT services provider.



Normative Framework and KPI

eG4U is creating a technical and normative framework applying to energy optimisation and supporting the business development of the members. It is helping them to be compliant with EU energy regulation.

The organisation has designed one single operational global KPI -named DCEM (Dataprocessing Communication Energy Management), defined by the users for all ICT sites and useful for ISO 50 001 certification.

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