Supported by European Metropolises EUROCITIES The New European Standard on Green Smart Cities

Key Performance Indicators for Green Smart Cities The standard ETSI TS 103 463 describes the selection of indicators for assessing indicators on city level. Starting from the definition of a smart city, indicators have been selected that can function as Key Performance Indicators for tracking the progress towards city objectives. The indicators for smart cities focus […]

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Workshop ‘Making Smart Cities sustainable’

Workshop ‘Making Smart Cities sustainable’ 7-8 JUNE 2017,  Bordeaux, France Participation : no charge In cooperation with the European Commission and with Eurocities and the NGO eG4U the organisation ETSI is pleased to invite to this ETSI workshop ‘Making Smart Cities Sustainable, from large scale pilot projects to real-life deployment’, taking place on 7-8 June […]

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First Energy Performance Forum

1st Forum for energy efficiency The connected habitat is a strategic stake; the building and digital domains must be powered and work together. These sectors must not be bypassed and cannot be built without collective awareness (accountability of local authorities and network infrastructure professionals, assets & building owners, architects, engineering firms, installers, users, etc.). You […]

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Creation of new Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) named eG4U

Paris, December 10th, 2015. The European non-governmental organisation (NGO) of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Users called « eG4U » announces its creation in Paris. This NGO, dedicated to energy management & waste monitoring, has been created early December, 2015, by ICT (Information & communications technologies) users, members of ETSI (1) Industry Specification Group (ISG) […]

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